Sunday, July 31, 2011


This small snippet from the upcoming short film includes a temp audio track and visual effects. Make sure to go to our FACEBOOK page and "like" it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Press Release


New horror film inspired by William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream to shoot in Butte County in… well… Midsummer.

Chico, Ca 4/11/2011 Two years ago, a group of local artists got together and used the natural beauty of Butte County to create a horror film. The result was the feature length gore-fest "Bloodwood". The film screened at the El Rey Theater last year in front of a full house and was distributed by Eagle One Media with a new title. "Bloodwood Cannibals" can now be found in such online stores as Target, Best Buy, and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Now writer/director Joshua Siegel has reteamed with old friends to bring more splatter to the Chico area. The film, titled "A Midsummer Nightmare – The Betrayal", is a fantasy horror based on Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and is set to begin filming in Butte County on June 15th.

The filmmakers are raising post-production funds for this project through the Independent Film Project and have been promoting the effort via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Director Joshua Siegel says, “This film will showcase local talent, and the fund raising campaign is a fun way to get the public involved. People can get exclusive perks related to the movie and be part of the project just by contributing a few dollars. These grass roots efforts are essential to independent films. I hope our work will bring more film productions to Butte County.”

Producer L. Jeffrey Moore added, “Raising money by way of crowd funding gives the viewing public control over the types of entertainment they want to see. The Production staff has worked tirelessly in bringing fresh ideas to 'Midsummer' in the hopes that the viewing public will be confident in contributing their hard earned money towards this project.”

Those familiar with “Bloodwood Cannibals” will be treated to some familiar faces in "A Midsummer Nightmare – The Betrayal". Kate Forsyth Corey, who starred in “Bloodwood Cannibals”, will be playing Queen Titania. King Oberon will be played by Kate's on screen nemesis “Big Papa” Joe Calavita.

Another Chico resident and former Bloodwood Cannibal is Braidon Thorn, who will be giving up his thirst for human blood to play one of "the good guys". New to the cast is Butte County native Dedeker "Becky" Winston, now a working actress in Los Angeles. Becky will be playing the story’s sword wielding lady warrior.

Chico residents and other fantasy and thriller fans around the world who want to be part of the mayhem and contribute their tax deductible donations are encouraged to visit the Independent Film Project link and the film's website: