A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal is a dark fantasy / horror short film inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. After being trapped within a magical book for over 250 years, the Faerie Court is accidentally freed in 1865 in a California forest.  Three cowboys fight to survive a swarm of angry faeries and the murderous prankster called Puck.

Auditions will be held in Chico, CA: Sat. April 16th
and in San Francisco: Sat. April 23rd
* These dates are reserved for actors who have been contacted by the Casting Director.

Please send all submissions and queries to

There will also be an OPEN CALL for supporting roles and crew positions Sunday, April 17, 10am – 1pm at Chico Cabaret, 2201 Pillsbury Road, Suite 174, Chico, CA 95926

CALIFORNIA SCENES filming June 15-19, 2011 near Magalia, CA

Calvin: Male 25+ years old, ruggedly handsome. Stunt fighting and firearms experience preferred.

Thomas: Male 25+ years old, bookish and civilized. Firearms experience preferred. English accent required.

Jeb: Male 35+ years old, bearded and grungy. Stunt fighting and firearms experience preferred.

Feyist Warrior: Female 20+ years old with a dark, scary look. Stunts and sword experience preferred.

Puck: Male or Female 18+ years old. Must be SMALL, under 5 foot tall. Puck is a hobgoblin, a mischievous creature that is part flesh and blood, part leaves and vines. He is small but deadly, with long talons and razor sharp teeth.
* Character is also in England scene (see below)

ENGLAND SCENE filming June 20-21, 2011 near Chico, CA

William Shakespeare: Male 25-45 years old who bears a close resemblance to Shakespeare. English accent required.

Titania: Female 18+ years old. The Queen of the Faeries is as terrifying as she is beautiful. She wraps herself in powerful magic, changing form at will.

Oberon: Male 18+ years old. The King of the Faeries is a tall luminous being with large curled horns like a ram. His voice makes mortals tremble in fear, and his eyes glow crimson.

Leader Priest: Male 30+ years old with a bald or shaved head and a serious, imposing presence. English accent required.

Victim Priest: Male 20+ years old. Bald or shaved head preferred. Stunt experience preferred.

2 Extra Priests: Males 20+ years old. Bald or shaved head preferred.

Please send all submissions and queries to