Friday, May 20, 2011

Braidon Thorn as "Blake" in "A Midsummer Nightmare - The Betrayal".

Braidon Thorn as "Blake", a mercenary and bounty hunter. Blake was hired as protection during the hunt for a protected cave. He has a fast draw and good aim but can be clumsy.

Braidon Thorn discovered a strong interest in both acting and film making at an early age while observing on set as a scene for a popular television show was being filmed. His interest eventually became a passion as he became involved in various stage productions. Braidon has appeared in a number of independent films including "Bloodwood Cannibals" (Arcadian Entertainment) and "Lesser Miracles" (Film Future) as well as National Geographic Channel's "The Witch Hunters Bible" (Hoff Productions).

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