Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Actress Deneen Melody cast in Shakespeare inspired horror movie "A Midsummer Nightmare"

Arcadian Entertainment is proud to announce that Deneen Melody will be playing a lead role in the horror film "A Midsummer Nightmare". Deneen Melody is widely considered to be a rising star in independent film, especially the horror genre. She says, "When I first heard about A Midsummer Nightmare, I knew right away it was the type of project I had to be involved in. It has that nice mixture of dark fantasy, horror, action, and comedy... definitely my type of movie."

"A Midsummer Nightmare" follows a group of young actors who go to a remote wilderness campground to rehearse their next play: Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night’s Dream". Their retreat soon becomes a nightmare as they are stalked by evil forest spirits, led by the murderous prankster Puck. Writer and director Joshua Siegel says that “A Midsummer Nightmare” will have the dark fantasy flavor of films like “Pan’s Labyrinth” while retaining the fun B-movie feel of horror series like “Leprechaun” or “Wishmaster”.

Producer L. Jeffrey Moore says, "When people ask me what's my next project I mention Midsummer Nightmare and tell them a little about it and they get excited. I can't wait to give them a scare that they'll never forget."

"A Midsummer Nightmare" is the second feature from Arcadian Entertainment and writer/director Joshua Siegel. Siegel's first horror film "Bloodwood Cannibals" will be released on DVD by Eagle One Media on September 14.

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