Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Midsummer Nightmare art

Jeff Moore and I had a great time at the Sacramento Sci-fi / Horror Show this past weekend. We met a lot of cool people and got to hang with Deneen Melody, our Marion in "A Midsummer Nightmare". Photos from the event and our first podcast are coming soon!

Visiting all the talented artists at the show inspired me to create another teaser graphic for the movie. Think you can do better? Enter A Midsummer Nightmare - Horror Movie Design Contest to win screen credit and exclusive prizes from the film!

We're looking for creative artists to help design the creatures of "A Midsummer Nightmare". All design submissions will be made online and entrants are encouraged to incorporate a range of mediums such as animation, sculpture, photography, painting and computer-generated and digital imagery. Visit our contest page to learn more.

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